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Saying goodbye to our coach, Stefan Aarnio

When Jake and I decided that we both wanted to become full time real estate investors we knew we would need the help of a coach to reach our goals the fastest way possible.

We looked around at the real estate investing community and at those we admired for their knowledge, their skills and their success. There was something they all had in common, and that was that they worked with the one and only, Stefan Aarnio.

Stefan was an incredible salesman. During our very first "discovery call", the call where we were hoping to just gather more information to make our decision, we were handing over our credit card. We had just become Platinum Students, added a life coach to our package and bought every single book he had ever written. We hung up the phone, looked at each other and just laughed. HE WAS SO GOOD!

A few weeks later we had our very first coaching call. Jake and I were both so nervous and also excited. We had just hired THE guy who put so many top real estate investors in Canada and the USA on the map. We had set high expectations, we were ready to dig in and do whatever he told us to do and we were more determined to succeed than ever before - and for anyone who knows me, I am pretty determined!

We started off strong, we dove in head first and were picking up the phone MANY times a day (if you know us, you know this was something that was really uncomfortable for us) and started making connections that would assist our business to grow and grow quickly.

After a few weeks it was Christmas time. Stefan was off to Costa Rica for his 40 day water fast. This is something he'd done before. He told us that he got so much clarity during these fasts and he had planned to accomplish a lot. We were supposed to have coaching calls while he was in Costa Rica, but the internet was spotty, so we went quite a few weeks without talking to him. We really missed him!

When he returned to Canada, he was sick. His liver was infected, he'd lost a lot of weight, he looked really unwell whenever he posted on social media. Jake and I were worried about him. We've worked with sick people for over a decade, we have an ability to gauge how sick someone is by looking at them, in a matter of seconds. That "skill" took years to develop, but we knew that Stefan was really sick.

He continued to coach us, he never complained about how he was feeling, or expressed how sick he was. He had a positive mindset, he was so strong and determined to get better. He was kind of grumpy on a couple of occasions, but knowing now, it's understandable.

When we spoke with him during a coaching call on April 13th he told us the cancer was back. We knew it wasn't good. But he was hopeful, and so were we. April 13th was the last time we spoke to him. It was the last time we got to hear him say "write this down". We are absolutely devastated that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye, that we didn't get a chance to say thank you for all he had done for us. That we didn't get to tell him how big of an impact he has had on our lives. It's thanks to him that we have the confidence to keep going, the confidence to grow and the confidence to succeed.

He gave that to us. He abolished our self limiting beliefs.

Stefan, thank you. We already miss you immensely. It's Monday, we should be talking to you tonight. We really wish we could.

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