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Directionally Challenged

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The countdown is officially on. We get possession of Mr. Christie in a matter of days now!

How are we feeling? Excited!! And slightly anxious. Why anxious? Funny enough, my anxiety isn't about the money, or pressure, or time crunch or any other construction related stress. I've got those locked down. My anxiety is over the direction I've chosen to go with Mr. Christie in terms of design. Eek. Even just writing that has given me butterflies!

I went back and forth a number of times on what to do with this house. It is an incredibly CHARMING little house on an even more charming little street (Christie St in Old North in case you haven't pieced that together yet). I don't want to mess with the exterior of the house too much. It fits the streetscape, everything has been really well taken care of and I like that it is very unassuming from the outside. We'll tackle the landscaping right away and do a little painting outside before the weather turns on us. But other than that, it will remain as is.

Have you ever seen the century old row houses in Toronto and how they look just that, really, really old from the outside and then you walk through the front door and BAM! There's this beautifully laid out, modern house that you NEVER would have guessed was inside? Well that's the "look" I'm after. But I'm nervous. Is that too risky for London? Old North? Anyone who knows me knows that modern or mid-century modern is my style. It always has been and I always say that I was born in the wrong decade. But how does everyone else feel about it? Are we all still about Joanna Gaines and the farmhouse movement, or have we gotten past that? (No offence to our die hard Joanna fans! I love her and thinks she's great. Her spaces are always beautiful and cohesive - I just don't share the same love for shiplap and cute signs that she does.)

I have noticed that there are a lot of new subdivisions with modern looking houses popping up, so that is reassuring that my plan isn't too risky for our beloved city. But have you stepped inside any of them? Most of them have the regular old floor plans that we've walked through for the past decade only having a modern facade. To say I've been disappointed time and time again at an open house is an understatement. Where are all of the cool architectural details?

Moving on :)

I am going for it. I'm going modern. Cross your fingers that my plan for a dark, moody kitchen inspired by Hedgeford & Berkley doesn't alienate our target market (Hello young couples - this one's for you!)

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